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Disneyland for Fat People

Since I am not yet the badass I had hoped to have become, I am still having to live life as a fatass. It isn’t pleasant, but I’m fed up with letting it prevent me from doing so many things simply because I’m embarrassed about it. News flash – it’s pretty damn obvious that I’m fat. So instead of tiptoeing around this fact to avoid drawing attention to myself, I’m just going to go ahead and do the things I can do, even if it’s a little harder due to my weight.

And DisneyLand was something I could do, for the most part. I went with 5 friends; two who are Disney fanatics (I’m talking lanyards and pins and $175 gold ticket replicas) two who really really love Disney (know all the characters and rides in detail, but no pins!) and one who was being dragged along by his wife. As for me, I wasn’t too excited about it. I don’t really like crowds, I hate line-ups, and usually I’m too big for rides. But I figured if anybody could Disnify me, it was these people. And they did. By the time I came home, I was looking online to see how affordable it would be to take my niece and nephew next year!

But before I went to Disney, I wanted to know what would be feasible and what wouldn’t be feasible for somebody of my size. There wasn’t too much specific information out there, so I figured I would put it out there in case somebody else in my predicament is looking for help.

So – I weigh about 340 pounds, and I carry my weight evenly. I can fit into a standard 16.5 inch airplane seat, but not comfortably. I need a seatbelt extender, and I get bruises on my thighs from the arm rests. You can get a pretty good idea of my size from the pictures.

Let’s get to it! If I don’t have a ride listed, it’s because I didn’t try it, not because I didn’t fit.


Alice in Wonderland: Like most “storybook” rides, this one just had a bar which pulls down over the knees. There is enough room to share a seat with an average sized person.

Dumbo: I went solo in this one as the seats are very small. The restraint was a bar that came down just fine over my legs.

It’s a Small World: It was closed, but I understand it’s going to be more accommodating for heftier people. Edit: I did get to try this ride when I went back to Disneyland for a day. I fit fine, but the ride scarred me for life.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: This was fine – a bar over the legs and room to share with an average sized person

Peter Pan’s Flight: One of my favourites (and everybody else’s, by the length of the line). It’s a bar over the legs and pretty roomy. My sister and I managed this together, and she’s overweight as well.

Pinocchio: A bar over the legs and room to share with an average sized person.

Snow White: A bar over the legs and room to share with an average sized person

Storybook Land Canal Boats: A bench on each side of the boat, so plenty of room.

Matterhorn: I did not attempt this one as I understand these are quite small and difficult to get in and out of. I’d love to hear other peoples’ experiences.

Edit: Commenter Jen rode this one and had this to say: “I was in the front seat, which looked the roomiest. Somehow I kept sliding down in my seat and had to push myself back up. It wasn’t a very comfortable experience and I probably looked oversized for my seat, but it wasn’t awful!”

King Arthur Carousel: No issues – those horses could carry an elephant.

Tea Cups: A bit of a squeeze, but I fit in with another person.


Buzz Lightyear: This was a bar, and there was plenty of room for two large people.

Star Tours: I barely squeezed into my seat. Anybody bigger might have had a problem. The seatbelt was fine, though.

Space Mountain: This is individual side-by-side seats for two people in each row, with an individual bar for each person. I fit just fine with a small person beside me, and I probably would have been ok with a larger person beside me too.


Big Thunder Mountain: I was expecting not to fit in this, but I did. It’s a bar, and I fit ok with an average sized person beside me. This is my favourite roller coaster in the park.


Indiana Jones: There are four seats per row in each jeep, with a seatbelt for each one. The seatbelt was plenty long enough, but the seat was tight. I had a hard time fastening my seatbelt as there wasn’t much room to work with. The arm rests can dig into one’s arse if it’s quite large. I was ok, though, but I don’t think I would have fit had I been much bigger. Fun ride!

Jungle Cruise: The seating isn’t an issue here – it’s bench seating with lots of room. It’s the puns. If you can bear those, you’ll be A-OK.

New Orleans Square

Haunted Mansion: This ride has a bar that pulls down over the legs and can fit two large people comfortably. I just wish it were scarier 🙂

Pirates of the Caribbean: Is there anybody who doesn’t love this ride? There are no restraints at all, and plenty of room. I suggest asking for the front seat!

Critter Country

Winnie the Pooh: This is a storybook ride with a bar, so I fit ok with one average sized person.

Splash Mountain: Single person seats with no restraints. Score 🙂

Bug’s Land

Flik’s Flyers: There are no restraints, but the benches are small. I fit just fine alone on one bench with my friend opposite.

Heimlich: I choose not to remember anything about this ride. I fit fine, but I can’t remember if I was solo or with a friend, or if there were restraints or not. It just drove me nuts.

Buggies: I fit on my own, but the bar was in the way of my steering wheel. I felt and looked ridiculous, but it was still fun.

Hollywood Land

Tower of Terror: I fit, although it’s a bit tight. These seats have seatbelts, which are fine – all seatbelts in the park were more than large enough for me. I would suggest maneuvering yourself into a spot on the aisle as those seats are slightly wider – no arm rest on the outside. I’d also suggest pulling your seatbelt REALLY FUCKING TIGHT. Holy shit. The guy accross the aisle kept saying, “You’ll really like this. You will. You’ll like it.” And then, “Are you liking it yet?” And I was all, “NOOOOOOOO!”. This went on for the entire ride. Heh. Once was enough.

Cars Land

Luigi’s Flying Tires: I went on my own and fit just fine. It’s a very wide seatbelt that’s meant to go across two people.

Radiator Springs Racers: Squee!!! One of my favourite rides! Each car has two rows of three seats, each individual with a seat belt. The seat was tight for me, but I did fit and the seatbelt also fit. This was another ride where I struggled to fasten the seatbelt in time, and always just managed. The only problem with this ride was the waiting time – I would suggest choosing the single rider line, which tends to be more fun anyway as there’s a high chance you’ll be racing against others in your party.

Grizzly Peak

Grizzly River Run: These were individual seats with seat belts. The seats were small, but I did fit into a raft with 7 other people. It would have been tough if they were larger people, that’s for sure. The seat belt was plenty large enough.

Paradise Pier

Goofy’s Sky School: This was the only ride I tried where I felt awkward. There is an individual restraint which seemed to pull down over my legs just fine, but when we reached the safety checkpoint, the employee kept getting an alert. We had to stand up and sit down and try again several times. There was no indication that it was my seat, but I imagine it was. After that, I felt like I was unsafe for the entire ride. I would advise skipping this one.

Carousel: Weight won’t be a problem here. Ride an otter. That’s all I can say.

The Little Mermaid: Each shell has a bar that comes down over your legs and plenty of room for two large people.

Toy Story: So. Much. Fun! This is another one with a bar that comes down over the legs. I had lots of space sitting with an average sized person.

California Screamin’: I did not try this ride, but a kind commenter, Diana, did and had no trouble at all at 5’4″ and 319 pounds. Another commenter, Heather, also had no problem even with a larger chest – to which I can relate – heh. So I’ll give it a shot next time!


** Seatbelt Tip! On rides such as Indiana Jones, Star tours, Radiator Springs – the belts should be long enough to snap in while you’re still standing or about to sit, thus  allowing you to snap them into place easily without having to root around while snugly seated.

** Check out this site for some additional information!


10 months later.

Back up to 355 lbs and hardly badass at all.

Well, maybe that’s not true. I’m freakishly strong. That’s pretty badass. However, I am still a fatass. Even more so than I ever was.

I could call this project a failure and be done with it, but I’m not going to do that. It would be akin to giving up my hope for ever losing weight for realsies, and I can’t do that. I won’t.

Of course, just saying “I’ll never give up” and continuing with the same yo-yo habits isn’t much use either. It’s just as bad as not even bothering in the first place. I’m not changing anything, but each time I start working on my health, I expect the result to be different – I expect that this time it will stay off. And it never does.

So what’s that alleged Einstein quote – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” According to Einstein, I’m indubitable insane (but then again, according to other sources, that quote has falsly been attributed to Einstein so who knows what Einstein would think of me? And who cares, really – major tangent here).

Ultimately, I need to change something. I know what to eat. I know that I need to track. I know that working out will help me become more fit and perhaps keep my lean body mass rather than losing it due to calorie deficit. I know I should drink lots of water and get lots of sleep, that I shouldn’t restrict anything lest I feel deprived, that success breeds motivation and I need to celebrate all of my successes, just like the good little Westjetter that I am.

This time I not only have the help of the GDT (the awesome online community that I’m a part of), but I’ve finally found a GP who is helping me with this. I have never really seen a doctor about weight loss – not officially. Several weeks ago I scheduled an appointment with my new doctor whom I really like so far just to discuss my weight. He seems very enthusiastic about helping me, which motivates me. He’s referred me to a program offered by the healthcare network his clinic is part of. The program is a 4 week workshop that deals with thoughts about eating and how we can change them. Sounds good to me. The only problem is that it’s wait-listed. I’m waiting to hear back from the program coordinator – could be June, could be December. Boo.

I’ve got just two goals for May – track food and track exercise. One of our wise GDT members is incredibly knowledgeable about weight loss and fitness, and pointed out that tracking is a skill that needs to be practiced. Why wait until after my vacation to start?

Such simple concepts. Sometimes I want to punch myself in the face for being so controlled by food.

And the gym? Well, last September my small training group fell apart and my trainer suggested that I attend the small group classes – spin, circuit, TRX & kettlebell etc – as it would be cheaper than PT. She didn’t suggest I do individual PT, or even foist me off on somebody else. I felt this was my only option. But the small group classes are really good, so it was a decent idea anyhow. The only problem is that when I’m accountable to nobody other than myself, I have very little desire to roll out of bed at 5am to get to a 6am class.

I did not go to the gym from October through December.

In January I met with the gym owner and he suggested a plan for me – train with one of the other trainers, DJ, once a week and attend group classes on the side. Of course, I ended up going just once a week for an hour, and not much was happening in terms of progress. Earlier this month I talked to DJ about doing 30 minutes twice a week. I’d work out for the full hour, but he would train me for 30. And then Ron, the owner of the place, suggested I attend spin and circuit twice a week as well. Considering I have to pay in advance according to their new payment model, that adds accountability. It’s been working well for the past couple of weeks. I still love that gym, although I have some issues with it. That’s another post.

So that’s where I am – raring to go and to try and learn something new. I’m hoping my doctor can help me change my thought patterns regarding food. I’m determined to meet my goals for May, even though I’ll be out of town for more than two weeks. I need to fucking do this.