Ok, let’s just get it out there – I suck.

I’d lost more than 40 pounds when I last posted in March, but now I’m back up another 20. Or 25. What the fuck happened, you ask? I wish I knew. I just started binge-eating again, and eating take-out. If it weren’t for my consistent workout regiment, I’d probably have gained back the entire 40. Or more. Yay for yo-yo dieting. That’s my entire life.

So there is that.

In March my trainer quit. Or she was let go. The official word is that she quit, so I guess we’ll go with that. So I was transferred to another trainer – kickass former pro basketball player, Marianna. I’ve wanted to work with Marianna since I read her bio on the gym’s webpage, so that part is ok, except I loved working with Julie and was devastated about that.

Also, I went from individual training to group training. There are four of us in the group, but usually it’s only 3. It’s fine. I don’t get quite the focused attention that I got with Julie, but I don’t need it so much anymore. We do quite a bit more conditioning work too, which I need. Less upper body, which I miss. But it’s good. And cheaper.

Next, my spin instructor quit. Or she was let go. The official word is that she quit, so I guess we’ll go with that too. It happened while I was away for a couple of weeks, so I didn’t even know until I tried to sign up for her class and it didn’t exist anymore. It was curious timing because there is now a new spin guy who is an avid cycler and races and all that shit. He’s good. I like him. But I miss Kat.

So now I’m training twice a week and going to spin & circuit on Saturdays, and often one more spin class with the new dude (Ashley) during the week. At 6am. Because that actually is a time of day, believe it or not. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it with my own eyes.

I also purchased a bike. A real one with wheels. And a bell, which is way too much fun to ring. I thought that all my spin training would make biking easy, but it doesn’t. On the other hand, it would probably be even harder if I hadn’t been working out, so I suppose there’s that too. I’ve been enjoying riding it, although I worry that I’ll get somewhere and be too tired to ride back. But I’ll deal.

This week I’ve been back on track with nutrition, which is probably why I’m posting. I’m feeling pretty positive again. I think it’s important to track my food intake, even if I go off track. I’ll try that. I really will.

But I’m sick of trying and failing, you know?

Anyhow, that’s where I am right now.

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