Becoming A Warrior – Step 1

Last year I decided to build a home gym in my basement.

That story in itself is actually kind of epic, so I’ll save that for later. But today I have a 12′ x 9′ space in my basement that has been wired for electricity, been drywalled and semi-mudded, and has a nice black industrial-type ceiling and rubber flooring tiles. The rest of my basement is completely unfinished, which of course leads to dusty foot and paw prints on my lovely tiles.

However, it’s a pretty nice space, and will be much nicer once the entire basement has been finished. I’ve got my recumbent bike down there, a weight bench, various dumbbells (not just barbie ones, either!), a BOSU ball, lacrosse balls, and kickass speakers. My treadmill is still trapped in a bedroom upstairs. I’m not sure how it’ll get down. It’ll never fit through the door, and it took four of us to carry it upstairs in pieces. No exaggeration. Sadly.

So this is great, right? I have enough equipment to get good workouts in at home on days when I don’t have personal training sessions booked. And that certainly has been the plan. But I haven’t been using it at all! It’s ridiculous! I’m ridiculous! I’m setting myself up for sheer badassery, and I’m not following through.

Complainypants excuses:

“I’m tiiiiiiired. I just want to relax and read tonight.”

“It’s to cooooooooold. I don’t want to change out of my nice warm pajamas.”

“I have too many other things to do today.”

That is FatAss Me talking again. She’s so annoying. Where’s Sarah Connor Me when I need her? She was building that warrior bod in a mental institution. I live in the lap of luxury, and I can’t even find time to do thirty minutes of weight lifting.

I’m basically approaching this quest the way I approach everything else – half assedly. Doing the bare minimum to get by. I’ll never become a warrior with this attitude. So consider this the first step in becoming a warrior – working out every day!

I’m thinking that perhaps I need to create a plan, and I just won’t deviate from it. I get up at 5:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I see my personal trainer – perhaps I should get up at 5:45 on the other days and work out in my own gym!

And thus, I commit myself to the following schedule, allowing one day off per week as circumstances require:

Monday – lower body
Tuesday – PT
Wednesday – treadmill running
Thursday – PT
Friday – upper body
Saturday – spin
Sunday – treadmill running

Yep, I think that’ll slap FAM in the face quite nicely. GO SCM!!

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  1. Kismea

    You can totally do this, it’s mind over matter. Keep your schedule and it will really help. I can poke you now n then to help hold you accountable if it will help, a few of us do that for each other. Plus? I can see you on fito and give you holy hell if you don’t work out 😉

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