I guess it’s time for a progress update, eh?

I’m still very much a fatass, but I wasn’t exactly expecting to lose 200lbs in four months. My ass is quite a bit less fat than it was, so that’s a plus. I’ve lost 30 lbs since I started this project (it was more than 35, but then Christmas happened along with about six batches of fudge that didn’t manage to get distributed as planned). So it’s 30 lbs, or almost 40 down from this time last year.

On the fitness side, I’m seeing lots of improvements. I look more toned. I’ve actually continued to go to spin class every week, and I can usually get through the entire program, even if I don’t dial in as much as others do. I’m bench pressing about 85lbs and deadlifting over 100 lbs. Over the Christmas holiday, I actually encouraged my mum to join her community gym and then stole all her guest passes. Hah. We went and worked out together most days, and even attended a spin class.

Oh, and get this – I went to a dance aerobics class with my sister. 3 times. And if you’ve never skipped and grapevined freely around a gymnasium to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I highly recommend it. Seriously bizarre. That aside, I’m not one for aerobics classes at all, but I didn’t mind this one. And I could do most of it.

I should really take some photographs this weekend of myself at this weight. I took some at 365lbs and I can’t find them. Boo! I’d like the comparisons.

But yeah, that’s where I am. Still truckin. I’m no badass yet, but I’ll get there.

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